Digital Forensics

There are many companies out there delivering digital forensics support to medium and large businesses. Nonetheless, these services usually come at a significant cost which is outside of the budget of any personal client or small business. The ethos of eNtelligence is to change this culture. We provide a cost-friendly and highly competitively priced digital forensics service to individuals and small businesses. Whether it be an employee who you feel is misappropriating data that is sensitive to your small business or an employee who you feel spends more time shopping online than actually doing work, simply contact us and we can discuss the options available to you to support your beliefs.

As a parent, are you concerned about what your children get up to online? Worried they may be at risk of sexual harm online or cyber bullying but they aren’t disclosing this to you? Forensic analysis by eNtelligence could either fill in the blanks for you or simply put your mind at rest. Similarly, is your partner living their life online a lot more recently? Worried or anxious about their online activity? Contact us and we can discuss the digital forensics solutions we offer.