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With experienced, professional investigators, eNtelligence can provide support to the litigation process and the interests of your company or business. Collecting collaborative evidence and working with companies to protect themselves from fraud, theft and reputational damage, eNtelligence provides experienced consulting, analysis and comprehensive evidence packages to safeguard against misconduct or external threats.  Our innovative, mitigating solutions reduce risk, minimise loss and enable clients to function to their fullest potential.

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Personal Services

At eNtelligence, we take pride in providing comprehensive investigation services.  With over 13 years of experience, our skilled team of professionals specialise in investigating locating witnesses, missing persons and conducting surveillance.  Working off traditional methods of investigation, our agents have further developed online based techniques to ensure the highest rate of success for every investigation. We can assist with locating missing persons, background investigations, relationships and online dating background checks.


Here at eNtelligence, we appreciate that some companies do not want to rely on the services of third parties when it comes to sensitive matters such as internal investigations. As such, eNtelligence also provides bespoke training solutions. Training can cover the needs of basic online investigative techniques through to advanced online investigate techniques. Simply contact us to discuss your own respective requirements

About US

eNteligence - Open Source Intellince Research & Online Investigations Expertise
Over 13 years' experience conducting online investigations for law enforcement and the private sector

At eNtelligence, our company specialises in online investigations and open source investigative research.  Our investigators are trained and highly experienced in these types of investigations and utilising our services can save you both time and money.  We aim to achieve results prior to the expensive process of conventional investigative techniques such as surveillance. Examples of investigations undertaken by eNtelligence relate to online harrassment, online identity theft, social media analysis and online dating profile verification to name but a few. As every case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators so that we can discuss your specific requirements and highlight the various tactical options available to you. All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion.

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