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Expertise and experience in successfully recovering deleted and corrupted data

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A professional and discreet digital forensics service delivered exploring the online activity of your loved ones or employees within your small business

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eNteligence - Data Recovery Specialists & Expertise in Digital Forensics
Over 10 years' experience providing digital forensics and online investigative support to UK law enforcement

There are many companies out there delivering data recovery solutions and digital forensics support to medium and large businesses. Nonetheless, these services usually come at a significant cost which is outside of the budget of any personal client or small business. The ethos of eNtelligence is to change this culture. We provide a cost-friendly and highly competitively priced data recovery service to individuals and small businesses. We also provide a digital forensics service to individuals and small businesses too. eNtelligence specialise in the recovery of data from any storage media - laptops, desktop computers, external hard drives and USB sticks to name but a few. Whether you have encountered the Windows ‘blue screen of death’ and can no longer access your college coursework or if you have accidentally deleted your collection of family photographs, as one of the UK’s leading data recovery specialists, eNtelligence is able to deliver one of the highest probably recovery rates at one of the lowest and most competitive costs. We offer free advice in relation to data recovery and if we can advise you on how to recover the data yourself, we will provide this guidance for free. If however a physical assessment and examination is required, we will provide this in the most expeditious manner, arranging for free courier collection and delivery as well as unrivalled customer service and support. We also offer a digital forensics service to individuals and small businesses. Do you worry about what your children are doing online or your employees? Concerned about a partner? We can provide analysis of any devices used by your loved one to hopefully put any fears you have at rest


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